Tectum Partners with DAO Maker

Tectum Partners with DAO Maker

Tectum Partners with DAO Maker – Participate and Earn Airdropped Tokens

We’re thrilled to announce that Tectum has partnered with DAO Maker, a leading crypto launchpad and incubator, and will launch a community voting feature for TET tokens on May 15th. This innovative feature enables all users to vote on upcoming projects, making the platform more accessible and democratic.

DAO Maker’s Impressive Track Record

DAO Maker’s strong track record boasts a significant user base of over 1 million users and $178 million in distributions to more than 119 startups. The platform has assisted in launching market-leading projects like Alice, Step App, and XCAD, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in the digital financial space.

The Simplicity of Community Voting and Airdrops

The community voting process aims to be simple and inclusive, requiring no KYC verification or signup. Moreover, voting is free and open to everyone, provided your wallet holds a minimum of $500 in crypto value. To ensure fairness, DAO Maker doesn’t allow multiple votes and closely monitors all votes and related wallet addresses.

As an additional incentive, DAO Maker rewards users who vote with an airdrop of the project’s tokens. These tokens will be airdropped directly to your participating wallet, letting you earn rewards for your involvement.

How to Participate in DAO Maker’s Community Voting

  1. Visit DAOMaker and connect your wallet.
  2. Click on “Products” and select Community Voting.”
  3. Choose a research page and click on “Participate.” (In this case, choose the Tectum Voting Page)
  4. Sign the message to register as a participant for the project’s airdrop.
  5. Boost your score and potential allocation by visiting the project research page every six hours, following Twitter accounts, and sharing your referral link.

DAO Maker refrains from advertising or marketing these campaigns to evaluate the community strength and marketing capabilities of the proposed projects organically.

The Future of DAO Maker and Community Voting

If a project garners strong community interest, DAO Maker might propose it as a Public SHO – Strong Holder Offering. This would let all DAO Stakers join the project’s fundraising. The new community voting feature highlights DAO Maker’s dedication to transforming venture capital. By making it more accessible, they’ve attracted over 20,000 participants from 158 countries.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of the next big thing in digital finance. Cast your vote for Tectum and start earning airdropped tokens!