The fastest blockchain Tectum has launched USDT - Tectum Blockchain The fastest blockchain Tectum has launched USDT - Tectum Blockchain

The fastest blockchain Tectum has launched USDT

tectum softnote USDT

Tectum is the world’s fastest blockchain has launched the first live USDT SoftNote Bill.

SoftNote is a Transactionless Payment system that transports Crypto & Digital currencies across the Globe instantly and with zero fees. Softnote is an ultimate alternative to cash, presenting a “handover procedure” versus traditional transfer.

“SoftNote is truly the high-speed transactionless payment system of the future, powered by the superconductive digital environment of the Tectum Blockchain 3.0.” Said Alexander Guseff, Software Executive, Crispmind. “The SoftNote is identified by a serial number, Store of Value, denomination, and user’s Unit of value equivalent. The creation (minting) of SoftNote and the isolation of the collateral currency from a native network circulation is recorded on Tectum’s blockchain creating a digital analog of physical money – the SoftNote Bill,”

“The idea behind SoftNote is that Digital Money must be able to adopt most of the properties of physical money to receive mass adoption. The revenue model is built in such a way that all the earnings from commercial and retail operations of SoftNote Bills will be split between validating Tectum blockchain Nodes, SoftNote Mint-license holders, and SoftNote Liquidity Providers; in fixed and fair proportion.” Said Guseff.

Tectum employs the proprietary Record Change Signature management algorithm and next-generation Network Protocol which endure instant event status delivery and ownership updates across the blockchain network and distributed access to functional system modules.


“Our algorithm is what sets us apart from other blockchains. The technology allows us to provide nearly instantaneous event updates through the entire Cluster of Nodes without cluttering the nodes with big chunks of data.” Said Guseff.


Tectum also offers The Tectum Enumeration Token (TET), designed to provide Tectum partners with a highly lucrative and universal entry point into the Tectum FinTech environment. The TET, like SoftNote and Tectum Coin, can make immediate transfers and is free of network costs indefinitely.


Media contact:

Company: Crispmind

Phone: +1 (415) 670-9800

Address: 145 South Wells Street. Suite 1800 Chicago, IL 60606


Country: USA


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