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Tectum Emission Token is Now Available on Travala

Tectum Emission Token is now available on Travala, and users can pay for the company’s services using our native cryptocurrency. $TET joins Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and 90 other tokens on this crypto-travel agency’s website.

Everyone can now spend their crypto when traveling in a more seamless way. Instead of using a crypto ramp to convert your $TET to fiat, simply create an account with Travala. This can be done via the desktop website or mobile app.

The best part about spending $TET on Travala is that users do not have to pay transaction fees. Not having to pay fees when sending or withdrawing funds is a significant benefit. Traveling often requires multiple payments. Hotel bookings, flight tickets, transportation services, and other holiday activities often require separate transfers.

Tectum Emission Token Listing on Travala: All You Need to Know

After completing the registration process, fund your wallet with Tectum Tokens. With the liquidity in your account, you can book hotels and pay for flight tickets or other services directly. This can be done through the Travala MiniApp in the Binance appGate.io app, or Klever app.

Before using Travala, members of our community need to understand certain things. Some of them include those outlined below:

  • TET is only available on the Ethereum network on Travala. Therefore, they will need ETH to pay for gas fees.
  • The network chosen on Travala must be the same where the tokens will be transferred
  • People can use their Tectum Emission Tokens to fund their wallets or purchase Travala credits.
  • Individuals can connect their Metamask wallet to enable them to fund their accounts directly
  • Alternatively, people can transfer TET to the wallet address provided,
  • Prices change in real-time, and users may have to reconfirm their orders. This also applies to transfers, as the amount shown may be different if you do not complete the transfer immediately.

Players must use the right network when transferring crypto to and from their wallets and when making payments via the Travala MiniApp.

How to Transfer Tectum Emission Token ($TET) to Travala

This article will guide people on how they can use $TET on Travala.

To add the Tectum Emission Token to your Travala wallet. The first step is to create a new account or log in to an existing one.

There are several ways to create a new account. You can connect your Binance Wallet or use your Google, WeChat, or Facebook profiles. These options are faster than manually registering a new account.

That said, these are the steps to spend Tectum Emission Token (TET on Travala:

Create an account or login using Google, Binance, etc

Tectum Emission Token Listing Travala

Click on the icon at the top right of your screen to access your account

Tectum Emission Token Listing Travala

Click on “Connect Wallet” to connect your MetaMask Wallet. This is essential to enable you to purchase Travala credit with TET

Tectum Emission Token Listing Travala


After connecting your wallet, click on “My Account” in the dropdown menu.

Tectum Emission Token Listing Travala

Click on “Credits” to access the Cashier

Tectum Emission Token Listing Travala

Enter the amount you want to add and choose that you want to fund your wallet using Cryptocurrency.

Tectum Emission Token Listing Travala

Scroll through the list and select Tectum Emission Token (as there are multiple cryptocurrencies listed on Travala).

TET Available on Travala

Pick the network you want to use for transferring the TET. Afterwards, ensure that the TET in your MetaMask wallet is also stored on this network.

TET Available on Travala

After inputting the required information, click on “Purchase the Credits” to initiate the Credits

TET Available on Travala

Transfer the Tokens to the wallet address provided. You can transfer tokens using the wallet address equivalent network. 

TET Available on Travala

Benefits of Using TET on Travala

When using Tectum Emission Token on Travala, you enjoy seamless transactions without converting through off-ramps. This saves you from unnecessary transaction costs and gas fees, enhancing your travel budget. With Travala, booking hotels, flights, and holiday trips becomes effortless, all within one platform.

By utilizing cryptocurrencies directly, you experience faster and more secure transactions, ensuring peace of mind throughout your travel planning process. Tectum Emission Token on Travala provides you with flexibility and convenience, allowing you to explore the world without worrying about extra fees or delays.

Whether it’s a spontaneous getaway or a meticulously planned vacation, Travala’s integration of Tectum Tokens streamlines your travel experience, making it hassle-free and cost-effective.