SoftNote Wallet Mint Section Update: Tectum Enhances User Experience With Major Upgrades to its Noncustodial Wallet - Tectum Blockchain

SoftNote Wallet Mint Section Update: Tectum Enhances User Experience With Major Upgrades to its Noncustodial Wallet

Tectum proudly announces the Softnote Wallet Mint Section update, features exciting additions and excellent improvements. We are totally revamping our noncustodial wallet to introduce a more intuitive and user-friendly wallet. More so, these upgrades will further improve the functionality and efficiency of this app.

SoftNote Wallet Mint Section Update

Our goal is to have an application so simple that crypto newbies can start using without needing serious guidance. This article will outline the amazing features people will enjoy from the newly-updated mint section.

SoftNote Wallet Mint Section Update: Exiting New features That Users Will Enjoy

As mentioned, we are overhauling the previous system and introducing a more user-friendly interface. First, the team is consolidating the different functions into one section. Going forward, users do not have to check multiple segments for similar pages or features. With no more than three clicks, anyone can mint, fill or burn SoftNote bills seamlessly.

Meanwhile, we understand that grouping can make navigation quite complex. Therefore, Tectum is introducing a step-by-step process to gradually usher people into this segment of the SoftNote Wallet. It will be just like going from elementary school to college. Individuals will first learn about the simple processes to enable them become comfortable with the complex ones.

Besides making the digital wallet more intuitive, the SoftNote Wallet Mint Section update also introduces new cryptocurrencies for extra flexibility. People no longer have to stick with limited options and can now spend additional tokens compared to before. More so, the versatility also applies to filling SoftNote Bills with liquidity.

First, we are adding the ERC-20 network to the blue hub of the mint section. Therefore, individuals can top up their crypto cash with USDT from any third-party platform, including centralized exchanges. This feature is available on the Ethereum network.

Alternatively, individuals can add BTC, ETH or USDT to their SoftNote Bill from the green hub. Unlike the blue hub, this section uses the T12 network, enabling individuals to bypass network frictions, traffic congestions and cutthroat gas fees. This is possible, thanks to a T12-ox layer that enables people to send cryptocurrencies free of charge.

Addition of Three Protocol Token ($THREE) to SoftNote

Furthermore, Tectum is adding new tokens to our noncustodial wallet. As part of this update, $THREE, the native token of Three Protocol, is now accessible on the SoftNote Wallet. For those who may be unaware, $THREE is the native token of Three Protocol – the first project incubated in Tectum Labs.

More so, more cryptocurrencies will be added to this wallet. Based on popular demand, the team already has a plan in motion to add a new token to the general wallet.  Tectum intends to raise SoftNote Wallet to the level of the best noncustodial wallets.

These upgrades outline the team commitment to ensuring that people get the premium user experience. Even better, Tectum will continue to improve on our products and introduce simple and intuitive solutions.