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Join Tectum at The 7th Annual DC Fintech Week

7th Annual DC Fintech Week

Tectum will be at the 7th Annual DC Fintech Week coming up on the 6th of November. The team is on a mission to bring simplified blockchain solutions like SoftNote Bills to mainstream finance. We believe that people should be able to transact privately and without paying cutthroat transfer fees.

The 7th Annual DC Fintech Week offers an amazing avenue to showcase our products to CEOs, financial regulators, and investors. Through events like this, Tectum intends to bring our value propositions to the average person. Therefore, we enjoin members of our community in North America to join us as we grace this event.

A Rundown of Activities for The 7th Annual DC Fintech Week

The FinTech Week in DC promises to be an impactful event with numerous educational sessions. Besides the main activities, there are additional events in conjunction with the main event. For example, Georgetown University Law Center will be facilitating a Regulator Bootcamp on Monday, the 6th of November. Furthermore, The World Bank will organize a Suptech Seminar on Thursday, the 9th of November, 2023.

The main event will begin on Tuesday, the 7th of November, at Fannie Mae Headquarters. By Wednesday, the 8th of November, conferences will take place at the Internation Spy Museum. These lectures will be moderated by industry leaders within the finance industry.

Some of the topics for discussion include:

  • Investing in Emerging Technologies: Data from Pitchbook
  • Latest Trends and Applications in AI
  • Where is Technology Emerging
  • What Makes Generative AI Smarter and Dumber than Legacy AI?
  • Houses, AI, and Blockchains
  • Explaining the Unexplainable? Answering AI’s Most Inscrutable Regulatory Question
  • Underserved Communities, Banks and AI
  • How to Regulate AI
  • Congress and FinTech 2024
  • What’s Next for Ripple? A Conversation With Brad Garlinghouse
  • The Future of Exchanges
  • What Does the Retail Investor Want (to Know)?
  • Tokenized Assets
  • Hong Kong Crypto Agenda
  • Technology, Economic Statecraft, and the Future of the US Dollar
  • The Global Race for Faster Payments
  • The Future of Wallets

Why You Should Join Tectum at This Event

Looking at the topics of discussion, it is evident that the Feds are beginning to recognize the impact of blockchain, DeFi, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Subjects like “Underserved Communities, Banks and AI” show that the regulators are aware that traditional banking is not exactly serving the global populace. Discussing issues like faster global payment probably means governments around the world are finally recognizing their shortcomings.

Considering these factors, it will be a shame if any crypto, blockchain, or finance enthusiast misses out on an event like this. Everyone is interested in acquiring, holding, and spending money. The DC FinTech Week 2023 will definitely share impactful insights as to the direction of what people term as money will take in the coming years. Everyone who wants to protect their assets should endeavor to join this event.

How to Register and Participate

Everyone who is interested in the DC FinTech Week 2023 can register their intent. Simply apply with your name and email address to join the waitlist. Once their application is approved, they will receive further details via email.

Interested persons should register as early as possible. The reason is that the event works on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is also not exactly clear how many seats are available for participants.