Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency for the decentralized distribution of data among other characteristics. Its blockchain applications are now being used in sectors like finance and health. However, analysts and enthusiasts have always mentioned the need for a suitable bitcoin scaling solution. Bitcoin currently processes less than 10 transactions per second and that’s relatively low in comparison to debit and credit card networks. 

Although there’s a 2nd-layer bitcoin scaling solution known as ‘Lightning Network’, it’s not considered fast enough in the case of complex applications of the blockchain. The financial systems in every economy is currently dominated by fiat money. These individual currencies of countries are inflationary because of the centralized control of the governments in producing new units. 

The Best Bitcoin Scaling Solution is Coming to the Market Soon

Bitcoin came into the market as the only currency with a fixed issuance rate. Not even gold behaves this way. That has been the major contributor to the overall increase in the bitcoin scaling solution price. Transactions are fast with fiat money but their prices increase with time. Gold, on the other hand, has steady prices but its mobility is low as a currency. 

Bitcoin is mobile and decentralized so it fits the description of free currency. However, bitcoin does not have a physical representation for daily transactions. That’s why it has not been fully adopted by systems and individuals who have only ever used fiat money for transactions.

The solution to this problem of scalability is going to be the most important element in the complete adoption of a decentralized financial system across all economies. So what’s the answer?

How to Scale Bitcoin?

The best bitcoin scaling solution is SoftNotes. This revolutionary technology will revamp bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. They are a combination of physical and digital money. 

Unlike the Lightning Network, these SoftNotes have a simple network design. Besides, they allow for secure, instant and free micro-payments. Merchants and retail stores can now accept decentralized Bitcoin payments using SoftNotes. These technological advancements are powered by the world’s fastest blockchain, Tectum’s blockchain protocol, which can operate 1 million transactions per second. This blockchain has a unique three-tiered architecture that allows for the instant completion of transactions.

Is Tectum Softnotes the Bitcoin Scaling Solution Answer?

SoftNotes, which are a key part of the tectum blockchain, is not to be mistaken for a bitcoin scaling solution scam as it checks all the boxes for the ideal scaling solution for bitcoin. It’s anonymous, fast, and incurs zero fees. How it works is pretty simple too. SoftNotes allows the ownership of BTC wallets that hold assets to be rapidly transferred using the Tectum network protocol. That’s much faster than typical 2nd-layer networks, which process transactions in batches.

The SoftNote project is live and running as of this month (October 2022), and the team has completed all scheduled low-level development. The off-chain handover of the QR code and a unique pin lead the way for the project and it’s carried out through print, mobile, or email. The handover is made to the new owner who inputs the unique pin to claim ownership. Now, the current owner receives a generated private pin that provides access and that completes the handover. The process is smooth and virtually untraceable.

With that done, the new owner has full control of the secured and completely liquid BTC linked to their SoftNote which can be utilized for future transactions on the network. If the owner decides to use the BTC liquidity out of the network, the system will burn the SoftNote and the holder will get the confidential key linked to the BTC wallet.

future of payments
future of payments

Tectum’s network protocol

Tectum’s network protocol has a consensus mechanism called ‘Proof of Utility’ that allows the blockchain to reach its unreal speed of 1M TPS. The high speed exhibited by the network makes it perfect for operating the SoftNote project as well as distributed Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 

Besides its impressive transaction rates, the tectum blockchain can operate as an overlay network to the BTC main net and has its in-built bitcoin node. What that translates to is a smooth process of offering liquidity to SoftNotes. Overall, it maximizes the transaction charge efficiency for bitcoin tokens. 

Why is SoftNote the Best Bitcoin Scaling Solution?

SoftNote by itself is not a blockchain project, although it’s developed on the tectum network which is the fastest blockchain in the world. It’s a product of the FinTech sector and it carries value within itself. It’s more anonymous than bitcoin itself and it doesn’t withdraw any commissions for miners. 

A major benefit that SoftNote provides, as a bitcoin scaling solution, is how its system is isolated from cryptosystems and orthodox financial systems. Notwithstanding, it’s available in a physical form that can be used for transactions with a different participant as long as they are connected to a node or the internet. Besides, it has a zero-fee policy that supports micro-transactions.

Tectum is Bitcoin scaling solution
Tectum is the Bitcoin scaling solution

Is it possible for Bitcoin to make more Bitcoins?

Bitcoin was developed to have a fixed amount of tokens that will ever be in circulation. Bitcoin has a hard cap of 21 million tokens. That means that only 21 million bitcoins exist and that number will never change. 

This hard cap is why bitcoin is a successful asset because its supply is hard to increase. Every four years, bitcoin is designed to get harder to produce due to a phenomenon called “halving”. That continues until production becomes impossible. 

Other FAQs

Can Bitcoin Cash surpass bitcoin?

It is highly unlikely that Bitcoin Cash will surpass bitcoin in market price. As another bitcoin scaling solution, bitcoin cash has a good concept but skeptics have security concerns about its build. Nonetheless, btc is too popular and widely accepted to be compared to any cryptocurrency by now.

Can Litecoin surpass bitcoin?

Although Litecoin is produced at a more rapid rate compared to bitcoin, the market still favors bitcoin. If you want a lot of coins for little money, then go for Litecoin. However, bitcoin will give you more value for your money.

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