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Tectum Developers Corner May 23rd Update

As with usual practice, Tectum brings the Developers Corner, May 23rd update. It has been quite a busy period for our dev team, as they work toward making using our products become even more seamless. These past weeks, we have focused on improving the design and performance of the SoftNote Wallet.

This article will outline new improvements and upgrades to our ecosystem. It will also highlight benefits that users should expect from the date of this update.

Tectum Developers Corner May 23rd Update: Improvements to the SoftNote Wallet

As part of the improvements, we are introducing a “Help” section in the SoftNote Wallet section. This will serve as a guide for new people who need any form of assistance getting used to the system. In addition, we are adding an “onboarding” section that will equally help newbies acclimatize with the noncustodial wallet.

Meanwhile, the Help and Onboarding sections are still in the works. Although developments are progressing steadily, the team wants to properly refine these new features before launching them. As with usual practices, these upgrades must undergo rigorous testing before making them available.

Furthermore, we are adding new currencies to the Green and Blue Bills. In this regard, people can enjoy more flexibility when sending and spending this crypto cash. Meanwhile, Tectum is considering adding more tokens to our wallet. However, discussions are still ongoing.

In the Tectum Developers Corner May 23rd Update, we are refactoring the SoftNote Wallet code. Furthermore, we are developing a dedicated microservice for our wallet to improve its refresh rate and make it more balanced.

Besides ensuring that all the upgrades take effect, this process will make the performance of our noncustodial wallet. In addition to the interface, users will experience a more efficient and responsive application. Tectum has completed a full upgrade of the Mint House. We are overhauling the previous system to ensure better user experience.

Furthermore, there are ongoing updates to the Tectum Explorer to make it even more seamless. Once the upgrades are complete, anyone can easily check details of their transaction. Nonetheless, we are still maintaining our principle of privacy and security.