You can now earn 10% from each referral who sets up a free Tectum Wallet and purchases TET: a Mint token, powering the SoftNote system that’ll revolutionize the future of the world’s Crypto-payment system.



During the Pre-Sale ONLY


The TET token is a promising gateway to the Tectum ecosystem: the Fastest Blockchain in the world. Each TET holder can become the beneficiary of the world’s first digital cash note (The SoftNote). The Softnote is the future of payments in fiat and cryptocurrency! It is instant, without P2P fees or borders, and provides maximum privacy and security.

This is a great opportunity that will allow you to receive rewards for your efforts in referring anybody who purchases TET using your referral code link.


Referral reward levels: You receive a certain reward percentage of the total TET purchased by whom you referred;


-Your Direct referrals will give you a 10% bonus reward in Tectum Tokens (TET)

-Indirect referrals(2nd to 6th tier) attract either 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, or 1% TET bonus reward.


In addition to that:


Another 5% of all sales volume in your 6 tiers is awarded to Regional Sales Leaders. Please contact Admin for details on how to become a Regional Sales Leader.

Finally, new users who sign up with a friend’s referral link before purchasing TET tokens now receive a 5% TET bonus on their purchases. (Note: this is a limited offer and expires soon)

The current price of TET is $3.00. This will soon be going up as TET hits the next soft cap on its way to $7.60.

*The regional leader will receive 5% of all sales in their regional group while maintaining referral rewards.