Earn up to 20% off each sale in a project that changes your view of payments!

CrispMind has launched pre-sales of its own TET token!

TET is the key to the Tectum ecosystem – the Fastest Blockchain in the world. Each TET holder can become the beneficiary of the world’s first program bill – SoftNote. SoftNote is the future of payments in fiat and cryptocurrency! Instantly, without commissions, borders, with maximum privacy and security.

For ordinary users, this is an excellent investment that will allow you to receive up to 300% per annum when buying licenses SoftNote and an unlimited amount of profit at traditional trades, and an increase in the cost of TET. The exact economic calculation promises break-even and profit growth, as confirmed by leading American and Canadian auditors.

An easy-to-understand referral system SoftNote developed for partners is like this:

  1. 10% Bonus of the purchase amount from each direct sale.
  2. 5% go to your account from each purchase by your referral link 3 levels down, but this is not all:
  3. Another 5% of all sales in the region goes to the account of the regional leader, whose place is still vacant.

The current price of TET is the equivalent of $2.00 soon to start going up, leveling to $7.60 at the point of reaching the Soft Cap – the Unlock; when the SoftNote System has launched this May the price of TET will start being defined by the profitability of Mint License and that’s when it will go to the MOON.

The regional leader receives 5% of all sales in the regional group while maintaining referral rewards.


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