Here, you will get an introduction to the SoftNote Globalization strategy and payments solution system. SoftNote is an end-to-end (Peer-to-peer) payment system that uses advanced encryption, storage, and transmission technologies using the latest generation of blockchain – Tectum. We believe that the financial systems’ introduction to SoftNote can help displace current digital payment systems for speed, security, and cost.

As an Internet product, the Token is a web page carrying complete information about the asset and all of its movements without being linked to the user.

As a security and privacy product, each SoftNote Bill is an encrypted Crypto/Digital wallet carrying no information about the current holder.

As a financial product, a SoftNote Bill is a Digital, Filled, Indivisible, Transferable Letter of Credit (Bearer’s Bond) that is not tied to traditional banking systems and operates on a “bearer” basis.

  • Digital because each Note is an encrypted digital container containing critical information and access to the Asset, SoftNote functions as a bearer bond in a digital smart contract form factor.
  • They are filled because each Note is a Crypto/Digital Wallet with full rights of access to it for the holder of the current Code-Password.
  • Inseparable because each Note has a fixed Denomination exactly like a paper bill.
  • Transferable, because it is intended to be transferable from hand to hand as a means of payment.
  • Bearer Bond, because the only proof of the user’s right to possess the bill is a dynamic, random password code automatically generated by the system when payment is received.

As a digital product, the Note is the Container and the transport of the critical and ultimate information of the Asset and is, in fact, the Holder of that Asset, respectively:

As a legal product, each Note is the Digital Person and the Holder of the Asset in that denomination.

As an Investment product: Our pre-revenue forensic valuation will likely come in at $100M+; post-revenue could justify $100B+, It is possible, it could substantiate a $1T+ equity valuation, that is why we are not looking for VC money.

As a means of payment, a SoftNote Bill may be transferred by several methods:

  • Electronically: Payment can be sent via any messenger, email, or between two SoftNote wallets.
  • Without Internet access: Payment can be accepted by calling the automatic 800-line by entering the serial number of the Bill and the passcode.
  • Physically: The Payment can be printed on paper and transferred as a physical payment from one user to another, thus becoming a natural alternative to physical money.