September 22, 2021

Ruslan Shakirov

“What I love about Tectum is finding ways to simplify business processes for our partners, as well as making complex things in the field the crypto understandable, and adding a human touch to high-tech financial products.”

“Hi, my name is Ruslan. I’m responsible for marketing and Tectum brand design. In addition to working on the project, I’m engaged in scientific work in the field of institutional economics – in particular, the development of marketing strategies that are based on reducing transaction costs between the company and its target audience. My main contribution to the Tectum project is creating a customer-oriented strategic platform for the Tectum brand.”

“I want to share three things that I love working on in this project. First of all, finding ways to simplify business processes for our partners. The second one is making complex things and fill the crypto understandable and translate them into the language of ultimate benefits. The third one is adding human touch to high-tech financial products. We are happy to receive feedback from our clients and are open to dialogue. Therefore, I will be happy to personally answer questions that relate to the marketing strategy of our company.”