How to purchase TET - Tectum Blockchain How to purchase TET - Tectum Blockchain

How to Buy Tectum Tokens

Follow our step-by-step guide to buying Tectum Tokens.

Step 1

First, create a SoftNote Wallet(Skip this step if you already have an account)
Log in to the SoftNote Wallet.

Step 2

You will receive a 5-digit verification code at the wallet email address you provided. Enter the code from your email. The code is valid for 60 minutes.

Step 3

Click on Deposit Crypto button.

Step 4

Select the currency with which you would like to purchase TET Tokens

Step 5

Copy the receiving address and deposit your selected cryptocurrency in your SoftNote wallet.

Step 6

Wait until your balance is funded. Find TET (Tectum T12) in the list of crypto assets and click the “Purchase” button.

Step 7

Enter the required amount of TET and select the cryptocurrency you want to buy TET tokens with.

Step 8

Press the Buy button. If the operation is completed successfully, you will see that balance of TET tokens has been funded.

So what are you waiting for? let's create a SoftNote account. It's completely free!