TIA Beta Version Goes Live - Tectum Blockchain TIA Beta Version Goes Live - Tectum Blockchain

TIA Beta Version Goes Live

Tectum is proud to announce that the TIA Beta version is now live. For quite some time, community members have had questions about the Tectum ecosystem. To ensure that everyone gets answers at the tip of their fingers, we have decided to launch this support system.

TIA Beta Version

For a better understanding, TIA stands for Tectum Interactive Assistant, and it is a Telegram Chat Bot. This implies that members who use Telegram can easily get responses to inquiries and answers to their questions.

Meanwhile, it is essential for users to understand that this is a testnet edition of the tool. Therefore, there may be some defaults. For example, it may not give people accurate replies to some complex questions.

How to Use TIA Beta Version

There are certain steps that people need to take to enable them to utilize this hot properly. This is as shown below:

  • If you haven’t done so, join the Tectum Global Telegram Group. Anyone who is already in the group can skip this step.
  • Once in the group, click on TIA Threads to initiate an interactive session with the bot.
  • In the thread, you can ask your question and tag @tia_tectum_bot. Tagging the hot to your question will help you get a response faster.

Community members should only send command prompts using the TIA Threads channel to get a response. This is the best method to get results. Sending a message directly to the bot may not yield the desired result. At the moment, the bot can only respond to the “Start” command prompt through direct messages.

In addition, individuals should ask simple questions and use straightforward command prompts. Avoid asking too complex questions that may require a human to answer them. Think of the bot as an interactive FAQ.

Tectum is encouraging everyone to use the TIA Beta Version and share their feedback. The reviews will serve as the framework for further improvement and development.