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Tectum Token Presale offer

The Pre-sale offer started on September 15th 2021 and is valid through April 15th 2022.

The initial Ten Million SoftNote Bills will be minted on or before October 31st 2021 by Genesis Smart
Contract as one-time event and distributed among Minting License Holders. At the beginning
SoftNote Bills are going to be priced at 1% of its face value (see below) as of September 15th 2021
with expected gradual price increase as demand grows. SoftNote profitability potentially allows
for up to 5% price increase.

Pre-sale Minting parameters:

tectum tokens


After the Pre-sale is over, SoftNote minting process will continue being governed by the Tectum
network on “per sale” basis in real-time mode and executed by Minting Smart Contract for the
lifetime of the SoftNote network. Minted SoftNote serial numbers will be sent to the Licensee
Wallet automatically making the Bills available to Liquidity providers and mass user. Liquidity
providers are subject to the same package structure while are not charged any fees by Tectum.
All the SoftNote Bills preminted for the pre-sale but not acquired during the pre-sale period will
be sold on the open market on auction bases. Pre-sale Offer ends in April 2022. Additional
information about the Pre-sale packages is available at our Telegram group: @tectum

Example: 0.002 Bill Denomination priced at 0.002 BTC ($100), with a license priced at $1.00 per
unit, has 2,500,000 Bills minted and capped at 5,000 BTCs (Conversation rate assumption is 1
BTC = $50,000).