Tectum to List Utility Token in 4Q22 - Tectum Blockchain

Chicago, USA, Sep.23, 2022

Tectum, a global fintech and crypto payments company, announces the official listing of its Tectum Token (TET) on Bitmart Exchange is set to go live in 4Q22. Tectum to List Utility Token!

Tectum is a crypto project developed by Crispmind, a Chicago-based software development firm. It is a distributed ledger protocol (DTL) platform whose ecosystem comprises the Tectum blockchain, the Tectum Wallet, the Tectum Token (TET), the Tectum Softnote, and the 3FA authenticator app.

As outlined in their legal opinion, under the current US security law, TET is considered a utility Token. It provides access to the Tectum ecosystem. The TET Token provides access to other products like their Fintech product, SoftNotes. The TET token is the gateway for people to participate and earn rewards based on their individual effort and involvement in the Tectum ecosystem.

This great end-to-end multi-product ecosystem provides users with speed and security and gives POS and microtransaction participants a powerful crypto adoption tool, the SoftNote.  SoftNote is Tectum’s flagship product, which makes crypto free and instant, allowing crypto to finally cross the retail barrier allowing for mass adoption. SoftNotes will finally turn crypto into a currency as it was always meant to be. 

Tectum could quickly become everyone’s go-to project. Although still in its early stages, the SoftNote product offers tremendous promise. It will be fascinating to observe how it develops and how users respond to it in the future.

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