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I FOUND A STRANGE BANKNOTE (Best Investment During Inflation?)

is the 1928 dollar the best investment during inflation
1928 US dollar

Look what I found! It’s a 1928 $20 US gold note. Back then it was equal to 1oz of real gold. I could take it to a bank and exchange it for real gold. But if I lost that $100 note, it was gone. There was no security “backup” in those days. This leads to the question, what is the best investment during inflation?

Today's US dollar might not be the best investment during inflation.
US Dollar today

Fast forward to 2022.

Look what the cat drug in! A “modern” US$20 note. I can buy 5 gallons of gas now. If I go to the bank and ask to exchange it, they will give me a new $20 note, not an ounce of gold like it used to be. If I lose it, it’s gone.

If I had kept my ounce of gold from 1928, it would be worth $1700, or 85 of these new $20 notes. My new note has no asset to back it now. It’s only worth 1.17% of what it was in 1928.

I should be quite upset! What happened, you say? There is no “scarcity” of paper money now. Governments print it like confetti, and it devalues every day. Excessive currency printing causes inflation.

But wait! What’s this strange banknote I just received? It looks like a modern bill. Is it better than my dirty $20 bill?

Let’s look at it: It’s called a Softnote. It has a serial number, so it is a unique note. Its value is 0.00001 Bitcoin. 3MxTG9AeVbGX8QfP439zhRYNhaKkZX8hnw is the Bitcoin address I can go to and see there is a real Bitcoin there. The QR code I scanned automatically took me to a secure site, softnote.cash, where I can confirm that note’s serial number, proof of funds, proof of payment. Could this be the best investment during inflation?

Is the Tectum Softnote the best investment during inflation?
Tectum is one of the top choice of experts as the best investment during inflation.

Try it yourself—–

scan this code to access one of the best investment during inflation.
Softnote QR code

I can accept it from a previous owner if I have their six-digit PIN and get my own secure PIN code for proof of ownership. I can send it to someone instantly on the Tectum network and they can use my PIN code to gain ownership. They will automatically get their own unique PIN code.

I have a Tectum software wallet where I keep this SoftNote. I can use the Tectum on my smartphone when I buy something at a store that accepts SoftNotes. I can also print out a paper image of my SoftNote and give it to a friend, along with my PIN code of course. It’s the same as exchanging it digitally. Just like fiat currency. Imagine that!

What if I lose the paper Softnote? As long as I have the secure PIN code, no one who finds it can use it. Except as a scratch paper to-do list.

If you like this idea and the technology that drives it, go to tectum.io to find out more about the innovation that has the potential to become one of the best investments during inflation.

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