Making crypto accessibleBlockchain has been around for over a decade now, and it has seen an incredible amount of growth since its inception. However, there are still some issues with the technology that need to be addressed before it can truly take off. Tectum is on a mission to solve these issues with a new blockchain platform that is faster and more scalable than any alternative. In this article, we take a deep dive into Tectum and how it’s disrupting the digital financial environment.


Tectum is a blockchain platform that’s designed to run quicker, scale in “Hot-swap” mode, and be cheaper to use. While there are hundreds of other blockchain platforms, Tectum is the only one that utilizes HashDrive, which is an algorithm that executes record changes at high speeds making it capable of 1 million transactions per second (TPS).

New properties make Tectum perfect for businesses and enterprises that are eager to use blockchain technology but are concerned with scalability issues that have been plaguing the industry – with Tectum, those concerns can be put to rest.


The most efficient and cost-effective way to pay and receive crypto payments, convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currency and of course use SoftNote. The browser-based Tectum Wallet is available today with a Mobile App for both Android and iOS devices coming 2nd Quarter 2022, it allows wallet users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies with ease and what’s most important it enables SoftNote Bill in-wallet minting ultimately making every user their own private reserve.

Tectum Wallet is much more than a regular cryptocurrency wallet – built on a blazing-fast blockchain it overcomes the high transactional fees traditional cryptocurrencies are baffled with.


USDTTectum has built a superconductive digital environment to accommodate the SoftNote – the transactionless payment system. While Crispmind technology impressively allows us to transfer Bitcoin for under $1.00, the SoftNote allows us to make digital handovers, rather than traditional transfers absolutely commission-free.

“Handover” became possible thanks to “SoftNote Bills”, which are the digital banknotes. This is a frictionless transport of value that removes the need for physical cash and the slow transactions that are usually associated with sending crypto, offering end-users the best of both worlds.

SoftNote is the flagship product of Tectum and is positioned as the first transactionless payment system boasting truly instant payment capability and a zero-fee policy for an end-user. Logistically the SoftNote is transport of digital value; a transactionless payment system powered by the superconductive digital environment of Tectum Blockchain that uses crypto and digital currencies as a store of value.

You simply import BTC from any other wallet into the Tectum wallet, and then push a button for instant conversion into SoftNotes! Whenever you’re ready, simply convert them back to BTC.

The technology of SoftNote allows for microtransactions that can be used in everyday life, which has not been possible with traditional blockchain technology. I’m sure you’re familiar with the high fees that are currently plaguing the Ethereum blockchain and making it unusable for many.

SoftNote also gives more anonymity than Bitcoin, along with detachment from third-party banking systems that can control or block payments.


In summary, Tectum is a blockchain platform that’s built using cutting-edge software solutions, allowing it to be faster and more scalable than any other blockchain platform.

Additionally, the Tectum Wallet and SoftNote unite to create a frictionless transport of digital value that removes the need for physical cash and digital transactions. In fact, SoftNote could become the payment system of the future. Only, it’s already here TODAY.

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