VIDEO: What happens after the Soft Cap? What are the prospects?

💥Here is the quick review from Mark Ross. What happens after the Soft Cap? What are the prospects?

the Fastest blockchain Tectum

Introduction video to Fastest Blockchain Tectum

The Fastest Blockchain Tectum with 1 Million transactions!

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Tectum Blockchain is the world’s fastest decentralized blockchain that makes older networks like Bitcoin work faster and cheaper. It also offers various reward models for users and B2B Solutions to retailers and enterprises. The Terminal Performance of Tectum has been flatulating between 700,000 and 1,380,000 transactions per peak-second in 3-continent test conditions in cross-writing & reading modes:

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Tectum is a blockchain of the latest generation that utilizes a combination of proprietary technologies like encryption algorithms, network protocol, consensus protocol (Proof-of-Utility) and network mapping to create a powerful and unique decentralized Framework capable of performing network updates with unprecedented velocities (Terminal Performance).

How to accept and send payments with a Tectum Softnote

Hey! New video has appeared on our Tectum YouTube channel

In this video we gonna show you how to accept and send payments with a Softnote.


How to transfer bitcoin with Tectum Wallet

How to transfer Bitcoin with Tectum Wallet?

In this video we going to demonstrate how easy is to transfer Bitcoin with Tectum wallet

Are you tired of long delays and expensive transaction fees with Bitcoin?

The Tectum Wallet allows you to instantly transfer and convert Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a small fraction of the cost of conventional networks. This makes it an optimal solution for currency transfers as well as for online retail sales applications.

tectum tokens

How to purchase Tectum Tokens?

In this new video, we going to show you how to purchase Tectum Tokens which is the profitable point of entry into the Tectum fintech environment.
The Tectum Enumeration Token (TET) is designed to provide Tectum partner with highly lucrative and universal point of entry into Tectum FinTech environment with minimal risks and a spectrum of reward choices.