What’s Next for Crypto and TET?

What’s Next?

I’m glad you asked that question!

The previous article talked about our pre-sales and prices. Our next pre-sale token price is $3. If you haven’t created a wallet, check out “How to Purchase Tectum Tokens” for a good step-by-step guide. Make sure you enable 2FA (minimum) and 3FA on your wallet. There will be a lot of scammers and hackers attracted to us when we go public.

We are taking a 7-day break before the next pre-sale goes live at $3. This price should get us to the Bitmart listing unless all 500k tokens are snapped up before that. If that happens, the price will move up to $3.50 on the next 500k tokens.

Logo of the Tectum company

One of the features of hard money like gold is SCARCITY. When governments print fiat currency out of thin air, there is no scarcity. That’s why the buying power of currency goes down, which is INFLATION.

TET token supply is fixed. That means they are scarce. That means whoever holds TET is holding a scarce commodity. TET is used to purchase 100 packs of unfilled SoftNotes.

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a tectum 


Hard cap crypto is a limit on a cryptocurrency’s absolute maximum supply set by the blockchain’s code. Bitcoin‘s hard cap stops the cryptocurrency’s units from being produced or exchanged further. It is usually thought to have a positive effect since it encourages scarcity, which increases the value of each token. For example, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin (BTC), set the hard cap of the world’s first cryptocurrency to 21 million.

The finite, fixed supply of a good is referred to as absolute scarcity. When demand for a product increases, there is no new supply response to match the increased demand. As a result, the supply is completely inelastic. You won’t be able to meet demand no matter how high it rises. The only output that may change is the price. This is true in the case of BTC; regardless of how much energy is put into mining it, the issuance rate and hard-capped supply remain unchanged. To get over this limitation, a cryptocurrency must re-invent itself by changing its essential characteristics.


Tectum wallet reduces time on exchange
TET is a hard cap crypto just like Bitcoin


Gold, on the other hand, is scarce solely in terms of the energy required to mine it. If we handed out shovels to everyone and encouraged them to start digging, the market would be overwhelmed with gold, decreasing the price.

When analyzing an initial coin offering (ICO), the hard cap crypto criteria are also considered. Investors and consumers must evaluate a variety of factors while analyzing a project or protocol before making a purchase. The most well-known criteria among such elements are an ICO’s hard and soft caps. A soft cap refers to the minimal amount that developers must raise in order to launch their product, whereas a hard cap refers to the total amount that a team aims to achieve in an ICO.

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Tectum Presale: What Happened In Our Last Presale?

If you’ve followed the Tectum Project and Tectum Presale, you’ll know that we’ve sold 3.5M TET tokens so far. TET is the “grease for the wheels to move” for our Bitmart listing and for SoftNote creation.

The first 2.5M tokens were offered at $1. This pricing allowed early adopters and visionaries to get in on the ground floor. The subsequent 500k tokens were sold at $2. The next 500k pre-sale price was $2.50, and they are all sleeping snug in Tectum wallets.

The next Tectum presale round will be 500k tokens offered at $3. The price move from $1 to $3 seems like a lot, but looking forward, $3 is still a significant discount for those who missed out on previous sales.

Logo of the Tectum company

Our internal price metric for listing is $7.60 per token, so that makes $3 per token attractive. Of course, when we are listed and new buyers come to the exchange, the market price could go anywhere.

Remember that we only have 10M TET tokens that can be sold. Compare that to any other cryptocurrency supply and you can guess what the TET market cap might rise to.

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Softnote utility token

What Can I Do With My TET Utility Tokens?

TET and TET Softnotes are both utility tokens about to take the cryptocurrency market by storm. So, what is the utility of the TET token and why should you buy it now? TET is a utility token that allows the holder to buy SoftNote Packs.

CorpGov Law Harvard (2018) defines a utility token as a digital asset sold ‘to be used to purchase a good or service available through the network on which it was created.

SoftNotes are the premier product of Tectum. It is a smart-contract fintech product that is going to revolutionize crypto space and global payments.

TET is also a scarce commodity. There are only 10M created and when potential buyers realize this, the market price will be impacted by this scarcity. Bitcoin appears to have this link of scarcity to price.

Back to SoftNotes; they are offered in packs of 100 notes of various denominations. Each bill is categorised and distinguished by a unique serial number and denomination. When TET is used to mint SoftNotes, the user purchases unfilled SoftNote bills, which must later be filled with liquidity to circulate.

Softnote utility token
Softnote utility token


SoftNote Facts and Figures to date:

Total minted valid Bills: 3,700 (37 packages of 100 Bills)

Liquidity in current Notes total: 3.0525 BTC (3,700/100 X 0.0825 BTC)

Liquidity of the average Bill: 0.000825 BTC ($41.25). (3.0525 BTC / 3.700)


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Tectum Softnotes: The Future of Cryptocurrency

The Future of Cryptocurrency is Tectum: What are the next big things?

Introducing the Tectum Network's SoftNote product – a unique new phase for the future of cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry.

Go to Tectum.io


Since 2016, the cryptocurrency industry has added at least 15,000 new coins and tokens into existence. Many run on previously established blockchains. What do they actually do? What do they provide for users? Are they the future of cryptocurrency?

What about the push by Central Banks to get rid of physical cash and force the adoption of centralized, digital, national currencies they can control completely? Central Banks are enlisting global banks and high-tech companies to help them “force” people to use it.

How can you minimize the profound impact these CB digital currencies will have on you and your community?

Privacy for transactions along with speed and low cost are essential for everyday purchases. The right crypto portfolio can shield your wealth in a way similar to traditional assets like gold and silver.

The Tectum network and our SoftNote product are designed to bridge the gap between BTC and the retail market. BTC is highly valued but cannot be used for retail purchases due to its network congestion, slow confirmation time, and high transaction costs.

Tectum offers a promising future of cryptocurrency with a hash drive that allows for very high (1M transactions per second) throughput that solves the BTC blockchain congestion problem. High network speed comes from Tectum’s Proof of Utility consensus protocol. Tokens and coins on the network are not mined, so there is no cost to the user. That solves Bitcoin’s high fee problem

The SoftNote is unique transport of value. When it is loaded with BTC or USDT, it allows BTC to be used for instant micro-transactions, just like cash or credit cards. In the future, SoftNotes will include many other crypto coins, stablecoins, and actual fiat currencies. Real property/NFTs and commodities like precious metals are also being considered and worked on.

Tectum Softnotes: The Future of Cryptocurrency
Tectum Softnotes: The Future of Cryptocurrency

Tectum has a unique solution for crypto products to finally become mainstream for fast and cheap retail payments. Our value proposition completely unique. It is the bridge to the future of cryptocurrency and crypto payments.

Traditional credit cards were offered nationally in the 1960s. Today they are ubiquitous. SoftNotes are the new disruptive technology to compete with credit card POS transactions. Cryptocurrency adoption rates are climbing worldwide. Retail adopters can broaden their customer base and attract attention by advertising “SoftNotes Accepted Here”

is the 1928 dollar the best investment during inflation

I FOUND A STRANGE BANKNOTE (Best Investment During Inflation?)

is the 1928 dollar the best investment during inflation
1928 US dollar

Look what I found! It’s a 1928 $20 US gold note. Back then it was equal to 1oz of real gold. I could take it to a bank and exchange it for real gold. But if I lost that $100 note, it was gone. There was no security “backup” in those days. This leads to the question, what is the best investment during inflation?

Today's US dollar might not be the best investment during inflation.
US Dollar today

Fast forward to 2022.

Look what the cat drug in! A “modern” US$20 note. I can buy 5 gallons of gas now. If I go to the bank and ask to exchange it, they will give me a new $20 note, not an ounce of gold like it used to be. If I lose it, it’s gone.

If I had kept my ounce of gold from 1928, it would be worth $1700, or 85 of these new $20 notes. My new note has no asset to back it now. It’s only worth 1.17% of what it was in 1928.

I should be quite upset! What happened, you say? There is no “scarcity” of paper money now. Governments print it like confetti, and it devalues every day. Excessive currency printing causes inflation.

But wait! What’s this strange banknote I just received? It looks like a modern bill. Is it better than my dirty $20 bill?

Let’s look at it: It’s called a Softnote. It has a serial number, so it is a unique note. Its value is 0.00001 Bitcoin. 3MxTG9AeVbGX8QfP439zhRYNhaKkZX8hnw is the Bitcoin address I can go to and see there is a real Bitcoin there. The QR code I scanned automatically took me to a secure site, softnote.cash, where I can confirm that note’s serial number, proof of funds, proof of payment. Could this be the best investment during inflation?

Is the Tectum Softnote the best investment during inflation?
Tectum is one of the top choice of experts as the best investment during inflation.

Try it yourself-----

scan this code to access one of the best investment during inflation.
Softnote QR code

I can accept it from a previous owner if I have their six-digit PIN and get my own secure PIN code for proof of ownership. I can send it to someone instantly on the Tectum network and they can use my PIN code to gain ownership. They will automatically get their own unique PIN code.

I have a Tectum software wallet where I keep this SoftNote. I can use the Tectum on my smartphone when I buy something at a store that accepts SoftNotes. I can also print out a paper image of my SoftNote and give it to a friend, along with my PIN code of course. It’s the same as exchanging it digitally. Just like fiat currency. Imagine that!

What if I lose the paper Softnote? As long as I have the secure PIN code, no one who finds it can use it. Except as a scratch paper to-do list.

If you like this idea and the technology that drives it, go to tectum.io to find out more about the innovation that has the potential to become one of the best investments during inflation.

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TET is the cryptocurrency to buy

The Cryptocurrency to buy is TET (5 Reasons Why)

5 Reasons You Seriously NEED to Consider Buying TET.

A Really Short Story about Money:

Before we answer your questions about which cryptocurrency to buy, we would like to tell you a short story about money itself. Nations and empires rise through hard work and innovation. They fall from decay and the debasement of their currency. The Roman silver denarius lost about 70% of its silver content from 200 BC to 240 AD. Before the minting policy changed to no silver. Australia has gone the same way in the last 100 years. Originally, Gold and silver were recognized as money by the US Constitution. Today, money is just pot metal and paper currency with no real assets backing their issuance. The Australian Tax Office’s website defines Fiat Currency “as a currency established by government regulation or law, such as Australian dollars.”


Here is the impact that ‘government regulated’ currency has on your wealth…

$100 in 1950  --  $2,729.72 in 2021


The inflation rate in Australia between 1950 and 2021 was 2,629.72%, which translates into a total increase of $2,629.72. This means that 100 dollars in 1950 are equivalent to 2,729.72 dollars in 2021. In other words, the purchasing power of $100 in 1950 costs $2,729.72 in 2021. The average annual inflation rate between these periods was 4.77%.   (Source: https://www.inflationtool.com/australian-dollar)

…continuous devaluation of your money

So ask yourself, how much gold and silver is there actually in the coins in my pocket?

The legacy fiat system of central banks is coming to a crashing and painful end, thankfully. Most governments, approximately 105 countries representing over 95% of global GDP (Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/105-countries-are-exploring-central-bank-digital-currencies-cbdc-tracker-shows/), are looking to a centralized digital currency or at least exploring the idea. This will enable them to keep full control.

Precious Metals and Secure, Good Quality, available Decentralized Cryptocurrency to buy are a great way to protect your wealth during the chaos and to hedge against inflation that’s beyond reason. These examples exhibit the classic strengths that real money once did - fungibility and scarcity.

There are good cryptocurrency to buy and there are rubbish cryptos with no real use case. It is imperative to know the difference if you are seeking protection of your investments against rising inflation and the crumbling of fiat.

Tectum token is the best cryptocurrency to buy
Tectum is the fastest blockchain, wallet, soft note, and cryptocurrency to buy

The 5 Reasons TET is the Cryptocurrency to Buy

  1. Protocol: A core element of a blockchain’s functioning is its Consensus Protocol, which governs how all the events are managed, and issues are resolved. It prevents a single entity from controlling a blockchain or distorting the “accuracy” of that which is being recorded. Proof of Utility (PoU) – instead of Proof of Work or Proof of Stake is what makes Tectum advantageously unique!
  1. Speed: Its Proof of Utility protocol optimizes data distribution (like archiving), while the network protocol enables nodes to distribute and validate over 1 Million digital events or Transactions Per Second (TPS), making Tectum the fastest blockchain in the world. Placing this in perspective, BTC processes from 4.6 to 7 TPS, Ethereum processes from 12 to 25 TPS, Ripple 1500 TPS and Solana 29,000 TPS, even Fantom at 300,000 TPS while Tectum sits around 1,000,000 TPS! (Having reached 1.38mil TPS!)
  1. Function: Tectum’s PoU and fast Network Protocol along with the utility of their TET token, is positioned to become the “Overlay Network” for every major crypto coin in the market. Tectum will boost the circulation of all native cryptocurrencies eliminating transaction fees in the process using our ‘transactionless’ (meaning that no transaction actually takes place on the currency’s native network) system. With a mint total of 10,000,000 TET Tokens, ensuring deflation - Meaning upon mass adoption, the wealth within the system increases in value, rather than decreases!
  1. SoftNote: The SoftNote is a great cryptocurrency to buy and the really exciting part about Tectum and how they’re revolutionizing the crypto space. It is a digital product “container” to transfer a store of value like BTC, TRX or USDT, etc. with many more currencies to be added as everything develops (EVM Compatibility too).

The TET token is used to mint SoftNotes, which must be filled with liquidity. The notes alone have no intrinsic value,              however, they carry the cryptocurrency within them once liquidated.

The SoftNote in printed’ form demonstrates traditional ‘physical cash’ properties. It is printed on paper and sent via WhatsApp or any messenger that transfers images. It doesn’t require the internet to conduct a P2P payment and has no sender fees or geographical boundaries. The Merchant can choose to receive in local currency, crypto, or both!


Tectum has created a system that allows the retail market to accept cryptocurrency payments INSTANTLY and FREE, without a transaction fee for the user, all the while being more SECURE than other networks. 


Here's what a BTC SoftNote looks like in digital or printed form:

BTC Softnote is the best cryptocurrency to buy
BTC Softnote is a great cryptocurrency to buy


Bitcoin was $400 in 2016.

It was under $9 in 2011.


  1. Tectum TET is only $2.50: at a heavily reduced introductory offer to encourage early adoption during the token presale.

          The TET token is still considered cheap by experts and when it hits the exchanges, the global market will determine its value.


Get Started at wallet.tectum.io/en/registration/44NDIxMg to see what it will do for you and for the world.

Join us on the Australia & New Zealand Time-Friendly AMA – Tuesday 6th Sept at 6pm AEST (Syd)