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Tectum Wallet Update! USDT TRC20 and TRX

It's official now, our Tectum Wallet has been updated and now you can purchase TET with USDT TRC20.

Simply click on the Purchase with USDT button and follow the instructions in the next steps.

You can also send USDT and TRX to other people using our wallet.

Please enjoy our updates!

TET is the cryptocurrency to buy

Tectum Monday AMA 30/05

Be sure to catch the AMA Zoom Meeting for Tectum This Monday!

Join Mark Ross and the Tectum Team to discuss your questions and ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you, the Tectum Community, and getting
your questions and input.

See you there at 7:30pm EST Monday Night!


Monday AMA Zoom Meeting 6:30PM CST/ 7:30PM

This Monday Night will be our next AMA Zoom Meeting 

at 6:30PM CST/ 7:30PM EST US Time.


On this AMA we have a very special announcement to share with not just the Tectum community but the entire crypto industry, a truly anonymous and frictionless P2P payment system intrigued and usable onto your Telegram ID.

Yes that’s right, P2P on telegram for free, it will have most features the flagship Softnote wallet will have when released In the future.

This is huge and we are very proud to showcase, so please invite like minded people, traders, investors, influencers to come join us, see you soon folks

Get all your questions answered and get fully informed.


Tectum Blockchain has reached Soft Cap

"We are happy to announce that we have reached the soft cap of TET 2,500,000," adds Tectum CEO Alex Guseff. "The community's support has been incredible, and we'll be announcing more project updates soon. This is great news not only for us, but also for our community and everyone involved."

In addition to meeting its Soft Cap goal, the company will accelerate development of the Tectum Softnote as the next phase in its strategy.

Tectum has achieved some outstanding early results, and the company's leadership believes that this is just the beginning of the project's future success.
During stage one, the team sold 2,5 million tokens at $1 each. Round two have 500 000 TET for purchase at $2. It's critical to jump in as soon as possible, as the current Soft Cap of $500 000 TET will run out quickly.

More information on the ICO and the company itself, including whitepapers and vision, can be found on https://www.tectum.io

tectum blockchain AMA

Tectum AMA Call Apr 4th


📺 Hey TECTUM Members.

Be sure NOT to miss our next AMA Call Monday at 7:30PM EST/11:30 PM UTC Time
North American Regional Manager Mark Ross will be expressing his vision of TECTUM and the Softnote Revolution and how to be prepared.

Register: https://bit.ly/3JZqDzL

See you all there!

How to use Tectum Test Node?

To start testing Tectum blockchain, you need to run the Tectum Test file Node.exe (Download on GitHub>>). During startup, a reaction from the antivirus/firewall is possible, this is due to the features of the software, it is necessary to ignore the warning and continue the launch. We do NOT DISTRIBUTE malware, and you can be sure of the security of the application being launched.After launching the application, you will be asked to enter your login details or register. When using it for the first time, click the "registration" button and fill in the required fields. The account is activated instantly!


Usage of the client node:

  1. The "Node" window.

This window displays blockchain events in real-time.

  1. The "Briefcase" window.

In this window, you can perform all the basic actions with the system using TET test tokens. In the "Make transaction" section, click the "Refresh" button to get a list of tokens available for transactions.

Upon registration, you are automatically credited with 1000 TET. Click on the token in the list in the "My tokens" window on the right side of the interface in the "Transfer" window, you will see your TET address. You can share this address with another member to have them transfer TET Test tokens to your account. You can also transfer TET from your wallet to any Test participant.

In the "Token" section, you can get information about the ICO of the used token by entering the ICO number from the "My tokens" window of the "Make transaction" section in the "Token ID" field.


The "Blocks" section displays information about the specified range of blockchain blocks (you can set a range of blockchain blocks (you can set a range of no more than 10 blocks).



The Latest block section displays comprehensive information about the latest block range, including transaction speed, hash rate, and other block write parameters.

The "Startup" section in this version of the application is deactivated, but it gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the possibility of launching your own ICO within the Tectum network.

The "Report" section displays information about the last 10 transactions between network members.

  1. BTC window.

This window allows you to transfer test BTC using the Tectum network. You can get test BTC on one of the following sites by following the instructions on them.

You can find out the address of your test wallet by clicking the “Show address” button. This is the address you should specify when requesting test BTC. Using this address, you can also receive test BTC from other test participants.

Pressing the "Refresh" button initiates an update of the test wallet data.

The "Send" section allows you to send test BTC to other test participants, indicating their wallet address and the amount of transfer.

If you have any questions about using Tectum TestNET v1.3, you can get advice from the project participants and administration in the telegram group https://t.me/tectumglobal or join support group: https://t.me/tectumsupport



Tectum Testnet Launch + Usage Manual

February 16, 2022

Tectum team is launching the Testnet 1.3.

The Tectum team is happy to announce the launch of our Testnet.

We've been working on blockchain technology since mid-2000 and are very glad to finally offer Testnet access to early adopters – it is very important for us as a team to see that everyone who put their trust in Tectum grow their confidence in the technology. We're also looking forward to new Decentralized Apps and financial tools coming to the market.

Testnet will give developers early adopters an opportunity to create their own Layer One multiple Tectum Node environments, live-test the network speed, transfer Test BTCs instantly and nearly commission-free and of course Test TET Tokens.

As we get closer to the launch of SoftNote, we believe that being transparent will help us and our community develop a better product.

The goal of this release is to collect feedback on how the consensus mechanism operates under various settings, improve our network protocol, develop better settings structure and collect the data on how different hardware handles the Node software.

We're counting on you to help us to collect metrics and use them to improve our framework. We'd also like to hear from you about your Tectum Testnet experience in general.

Top five Tectum Testnet properties:

  • Client Node WIN .exe application available on GitHub.
  • In-app Tectum Explorer.
  • Connection to Test Bitcoin Network: BTC depositing and transferring.
  • 10 million pre-minted Test TET Tokens: Every Node will receive TET at the point of activation, 1000 TET test tokens will be automatically rewarded to your account
  • Ability to test our Fastest Tectum Blockchain Speed using an unlimited number of Nodes.

The TET tokens on the test network will not be transferrable to the mainnet. The Ledger is reset every 24 hours.

We will soon explain How to use Testnet, publish .exe Client Node files, Testnet faucet and instructional materials on our GitHub page.

Please follow us on Github and check our projects!

Start with our Client Test Node use Manual

Making crypto accessible with Tectum Blockchain. Key takeaways.

Blockchain has been around for over a decade now, and it has seen an incredible amount of growth since its inception. However, there are still some issues with the technology that need to be addressed before it can truly take off. Tectum is on a mission to solve these issues with a new blockchain platform that is faster and more scalable than any alternative. In this article, we take a deep dive into Tectum and how it's disrupting the digital financial environment.


Tectum is a blockchain platform that's designed to run quicker, scale in “Hot-swap” mode, and be cheaper to use. While there are hundreds of other blockchain platforms, Tectum is the only one that utilizes HashDrive, which is an algorithm that executes record changes at high speeds making it capable of 1 million transactions per second (TPS).

New properties make Tectum perfect for businesses and enterprises that are eager to use blockchain technology but are concerned with scalability issues that have been plaguing the industry - with Tectum, those concerns can be put to rest.


The most efficient and cost-effective way to pay and receive crypto payments, convert cryptocurrencies into fiat currency and of course use SoftNote. The browser-based Tectum Wallet is available today with a Mobile App for both Android and iOS devices coming 2nd Quarter 2022, it allows wallet users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies with ease and what’s most important it enables SoftNote Bill in-wallet minting ultimately making every user their own private reserve.

Tectum Wallet is much more than a regular cryptocurrency wallet - built on a blazing-fast blockchain it overcomes the high transactional fees traditional cryptocurrencies are baffled with.


USDTTectum has built a superconductive digital environment to accommodate the SoftNote - the transactionless payment system. While Crispmind technology impressively allows us to transfer Bitcoin for under $1.00, the SoftNote allows us to make digital handovers, rather than traditional transfers absolutely commission-free.

“Handover” became possible thanks to “SoftNote Bills”, which are the digital banknotes. This is a frictionless transport of value that removes the need for physical cash and the slow transactions that are usually associated with sending crypto, offering end-users the best of both worlds.

SoftNote is the flagship product of Tectum and is positioned as the first transactionless payment system boasting truly instant payment capability and a zero-fee policy for an end-user. Logistically the SoftNote is transport of digital value; a transactionless payment system powered by the superconductive digital environment of Tectum Blockchain that uses crypto and digital currencies as a store of value.

You simply import BTC from any other wallet into the Tectum wallet, and then push a button for instant conversion into SoftNotes! Whenever you're ready, simply convert them back to BTC.

The technology of SoftNote allows for microtransactions that can be used in everyday life, which has not been possible with traditional blockchain technology. I'm sure you're familiar with the high fees that are currently plaguing the Ethereum blockchain and making it unusable for many.

SoftNote also gives more anonymity than Bitcoin, along with detachment from third-party banking systems that can control or block payments.



In summary, Tectum is a blockchain platform that's built using cutting-edge software solutions, allowing it to be faster and more scalable than any other blockchain platform.

Additionally, the Tectum Wallet and SoftNote unite to create a frictionless transport of digital value that removes the need for physical cash and digital transactions. In fact, SoftNote could become the payment system of the future. Only, it's already here TODAY.

For more information about Tectum and its unique features, you can visit the official website at https://tectum.io/

USDT Bitcoin Softnote

New Tectum Softnote bills USDT ERC20 & Bitcoin

USDT Bitcoin Softnote✋Hey Blockchainers!

Finally, we are glad to announce multi-protocol Support for our Tectum Softnote with updated URL’s

💥Now we have added Ethereum ERC-20.
Thron TRC-20 protocol in progress.
So currently we are available in two blockchains. Click to view Softnote.

Ethereum        Bitcoin