The Lightning Fast, Scalable Blockchain

Tectum™ is a distributed ledger protocol managing platform that employs the proprietary record change signature management algorithm – HashDrive™.

Providing an instant event status delivery and event ownership update throughout the whole system the mechanism delivers distributed levels of access to functional system modules without cluttering the bandwidth between the nodes with big-data by employing our proprietary HashSwap™ component.

Our unique method turns the impossible into routine process: we completely isolate all the transaction-related heavy data from the entire process by hashing, encrypting and signing the bundles at the end of every phase of a transaction and archiving it.

This approach makes the event-related data instantly verifiable and publicly accessible, with different levels of accessibility provided to different transaction related modules.

The event hashing process is ran on top of a database in order to enable items to be retrieved by far more quickly and works as an upper functional layer in order to free the main-net pipeline from heavy data processing. The mechanism of isolating the system event formalization process from big-data leading to the main-net unprecedented throughput capabilities is our value proposition.

Typically, the rule of thumb for blockchain is greater the security slower it is. Tectum does not have those trade offs because we’ve separated the tiers and use fast hashing algorithms.

Projects Built With Tectum




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